Year-to-Date Achievements for EMV Migrations

Posted By: Art Harper | September 9, 2016 | 2 Comment

As we continue to move towards the EMV liability shift deadlines for ATMs and Automatic Fuel Dispensers, we need to take a quick look at the progress made so far with issuer and merchant migration to EMV.

99803247_emv_jpgIn terms of the number of EMV cards issued, Visa points out that over 345 million chip cards are currently in the market. This figure is 14 percent greater than the 302 million cards Visa reported in May. As an issuer, you may wonder how that differs from where we started in November. Visa reported in November 2015, there were 195 million cards in the market. So we have seen a 77 percent increase from November 2015 to June 2016. While we know credit cards led the migration to EMV, there are now 174 million Visa debit cards in the market compared to 171 million Visa credit cards.

When considering the volume of cards being issued in the market, who is doing a good job with EMV card production? Technavio just published an article profiling the top seven EMV card producers. Those seven are ABnote, CPI, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Morphor, Oberthur and Versatile. So as an issuer, if you are not using one of these vendors for your plastics, you should possibly consider moving your plastics production to one of these top producers.

On the merchant side, we keep wondering where the merchants are in terms of terminal readiness. Visa states that over 1 million merchants can accept a chip card. This number is a 14 percent increase from May 2016. The best stat from Visa is that 75 percent of these merchants ready to accept a chip card are small- to mid-sized businesses. We kept reading that the small merchants were lagging, but it seems these merchants are being proactive.

Lastly, as we move forward with the EMV migration, we will keep improving on the processing of the transaction with the implementation of Quick Chip / M-chip and other processes that will assist in dispelling any perceptions of long waits at the terminal.

Art Harper

Art Harper

Art is responsible for the management and growth of EMV products and services and is a member of the EMV Migration Forum participating on the ATM and Debit Working Committees. He has conducted over 50 EMV educational sessions reaching over 1500 people. Art has been involved in providing his perspective on the EMV movement in the U.S. with articles in the CU Times and CU Tech Talk.
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2 Comments on Year-to-Date Achievements for EMV Migrations

Dr Art Harper said : Guest 3 years ago

Zain, Yes, I would agree that the lack of training by merchants has created some confusion in the market. As an industry we need to have better education on which locations are EMV enabled so we can provide that our cardholders. We will / have encountered this same issue around mobile payments like Apple Pay.

Zain Hashmi said : Guest 3 years ago

Great update Art. I also think that lack of the training/information by the merchants to their staff is adding to the consumer misconception and confusion.

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